We celebrate the synchronicity between what works and the innovative. By combining experience with diverse business, creative, and technological acumen, we are a team of thinkers and doers capable of meeting any challenge.

Over 18 years. Global
Team and Expertise.
100% Australian Owned.

Earthlink Alliance is a collaborative organisation formed through the merger of Earthlink Design (ED, est. 2001) and My Alliance (MA, est. 2009).

Together, we have combined almost two decades of experience, skills, networks, and values to form Earthlink Alliance. We are an Australian-based team supported by a global workforce and network to deliver Strategic, Tech-enabled Growth Solutions.

Our approach is dynamic; integrating tried, true, and new frameworks to help our clients achieve success through custom solutions.

Create Legacy

Realise your organisational objectives, through passion, innovation and strategy. That has been the driving force in each team members commitment to our clients and the agency.

It all starts with an idea… That is what our Clients present to us. That is all we need to seek out a solution that will provide a win-win-win. A win for our Clients, a very important win for their target audience and lastly, a win for us.

Passion has allowed us to create some of the most advanced software solutions for large enterprises, government agencies and SME’s.

Strategy has allowed our Clients to benefit greater engagement, loyalty and greater profits with their target audiences.

Ease of mind for our Clients has been the result of implementing automation within their businesses and marketing efforts whilst growing their market share.

Our Vision

To make legacies real.

Our Mission

We work with clients at all levels to unlock opportunities, create innovative and dynamic solutions, maximize growth, and drive impact.

Our Impact

Changing how organisations attract, interact & engage with people, to ensure their long term growth and success.

Produce Meaningful Results

Outcomes that Matter

Our work together is outcome-based. 

Through conversation and strategic sessions, we derive specific outcomes from your short and long-term goals. These outcomes measure progress towards your vision and define the success of our work together.


Why EA Mobile Technology
Why EA Business and Marketing Automation

Long-term Success through Collaborative Relationships

Long-term success is defined by organisational resilience. We achieve organisational resilience through collaborative relationships that are supported by technology.

Businesses, Organisations and Communities all benefit from each other’s growth and success. As a result, Collaboration is foundational to Earthlink Alliance’s approach, team dynamics and client relationships.

Honour the inherent opportunities within your relationships; raise yourself, and raise each other.