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An Ecosystem Perspective

Traditional digital marketing agencies often only have one answer to every client acquisition problem, the tactical marketing service they provide.

However, the modern customer is much more discerning, with research showing a non-linear and increasingly complex buying journey requiring more than 20 touch points before purchasing. This places importance on comprehensive strategic thinking and automated technology to provide data driven insights at every stage of the client journey.

At Earthlink Alliance, we take an ecosystem approach, encompassing the entire client acquisition journey within all the core business functions. We are strategically and technically agnostic, creating approaches and implementing marketing tactics and systems because it is right for your business, not because we’re an industry partner. This ensures what we create is tailored to your needs.

Our ecosystem perspective to client acquisition encompasses strategy, tactics and systems for six key areas


Strategy is our greatest strength. Our approach to the client acquisition process is centered around business acumen born from years of experience buying, growing and selling companies across multiple industries. We create the right strategy aligned with your business goals, so every tactic implemented is purposeful, prioritised, and makes a return

Lead Generation

Seen as the primary client acquisition activity, but when done in isolation and disconnected from other key business functions, it usually doesn’t result in the metric that matters, which is revenue. We ensure any tactic recommended will get you in front of your clients. Our expertise includes Google Adwords, organic social media, social advertising, SEO, joint venture partnerships and direct mail, having provided these solutions for local businesses as well as global companies.


Today, people want to be connected to the companies and brands they invest in. This requires consistent contact between your business and your audience. Through creative communications supported by data-driven automation, we create ecosystems to change the way organisations engage and help their clients. Our team of communication strategists, writers and designers collaborate with our CRM experts to ideate, create and implement campaigns across all major platforms.


Marketing often fails to give a return because of a disconnect with sales. When there isn’t a clear marketing to sales process, and support given to the sales team to ensure clarity of new messaging, opportunities are lost. Our client acquisition approach will always place a focus on this essential collaboration through training, collateral creation, and technological support.

Lifetime Value

The easiest people to do business with are the ones who are already sold on what you can do, your clients. Deploying well thoughtout content and communication to educate clients during the delivery process while you have their full attention is the easiest way to show how you can add more value to their organisation.

Data & Optimisation

In today’s digital age, data is everything. Creating sustained success and relevance to your audience relies on strategy guided by data driven insights. Our ecosystem approach pairs our strategies and tactics with the right digital technology to collect real time data for key decision making.

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