Standing out above the rest III – Podcasts the new media

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Standing out above the rest III – Podcasts the new media

Identifying where your clients are

Do you have long periods of travel either to work or to meet clients? How do you use this time effectively? This is the question that probably plagues your ideal client on a day to day basis. Once upon we would all catch public transport and possibly strike up a conversation with another person during the trip. Over the years people have become increasingly disengaged choosing to listen to music possibly whilst reading books or magazines as well. Personally, when I used public transport I always saw that time as an opportunity to listen to self-development audio files. I was never a fan of listening to radio stations due to the ads and sometimes being forced to listen to topics that didn’t interest me.

Podcasts and public transport

Targeting an active audience

For many the opportunity to listen to a radio station gives them that interaction and intrigue that distracts them from the mundane, which for most is their job. This interaction is the reason why so many radio presenters have large followings. The ability to talk about every day things in a way that either makes people laugh, feel sorrow or engage is the strength of this media. The conversations between hosts and even with listeners allows for people to create visuals in their own heads of all the situations and topics that are discussed. Listeners would be able to visualise what the people look like, how they would react and what they would do in those situations. This creates a talking point for most with their work colleagues and therefore the reach of that station and their topics becomes greater than can be measured.

Now think about your day, when do you yearn for quiet moments where you could lose yourself in something educational or entertaining to listen to? How about when you are at a lunch break, on the treadmill in the gym, walking the dog or even when driving to or from work? This is the perfect time for your ideal clients to consume your material and engage with your business.

Podcasts as marketing campaign

Podcasts and your marketing campaign

It would make sense then when you consider the above that a logical step for any business would be to create audio files that engage their client base. Enter the podcasts which have slowly been gathering momentum and providing businesses with an avenue to create content to engage with their client base. As with all marketing for the business it must begin with understanding the client avatar for the business. Why? Simple, when a business understands their client all their branding, podcast topics, videos, content and imagery will be created to engage with them. This understanding will create laser focus for all the marketing that a business creates. Therefore all the podcast topics that can be created or leveraged, when the ads should be placed as well as which types of ads will be designed to align with that customer base.

Provide value

If your business is looking to increase engagement and buying frequency, then leveraging podcasts is a very smart option. A business can either create its own or merely advertise on podcasts created for their target clients. Podcasts offer a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience who will choose to listen to their podcasts generally at times of least distraction to them. Therefore, smart ads placed at the right points in the podcasts will be more effective with the audience. The most important thing to do to ensure success is to add value to the market. This will ensure the podcasts the business offers or advertise on can rise above the noise and standout.

As a business it is important to embrace the use of podcasts in their overall marketing campaign. When the business understands the client and provides the content that has value in their clients’ eyes, then the business is assured of an increased following. Quality content will be reused and shared and therefore it is an asset for your business. It makes sense to invest wisely and the clients will show their appreciation by either buying from you or recommending that business to others.

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