Case Study – Uniform & Apparel Solutions (UAS)

Uniform & Apparel Solutions

Brief: UAS had a unique ecommerce solution that needed to be built. The client required the ability to create a multi-store environment which would house categories, products and have users assigned to specific stores. This meant when a user logged in, they would only see categories and products assigned to them. Beyond this requirement we were also asked to integrate with their ERP which housed all of the categories, products, images, descriptions, prices and inventory. We needed to match the multi-store with the ERP so to not have products seeping into other stores. The final piece of the puzzle was to then integrate this into another platform called PunchOut which would allow for custom integration with the end users SAP system.


Whilst this project threw up many challenges, taking 8 months to complete and required us to integrate multiple platforms, including building our own middleware, the results speak for themselves. We created a stable and long term solution for UAS that has yielded them a 10 year contract, generating millions in revenue.

Our Results

  • An ecommerce solution that integrates with their ERP
  • An ecommerce solution that integrates with PunchOut
  • A website that is capable of creating multiple mini stores from a single backend
  • A website that can push orders back into their ERP and WMS
  • A website that has its own custom middleware that can pull products from their ERP, cleanse and manipulate the data and push it to the website as an automated process
  • A website that can match product codes with a cloud store of images and fetch the image based on product code and assign it to the correct product
  • A completely automated end to end solution of stores, category, product and order management
  • Key Successes

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