Case Study – UJEB


Brief: UJEB’s website was dated and did not have any integration with their CRM which was being used through manual integration (copy & paste). The client wanted to accept online course enrolments, have it integrated into multiple payment methods and also integrate with Salesforce CRM. The website was also in desperate need of refreshing as was their brand. The client also wanted to take invoice payments and donations through the website which also needed to be integrated with the CRM.


We initially worked through the re-branding of the clients logo and carried that style and theme into the new website design. The course manager we built then allowed the client to create courses and link them directly into the corresponding course data in Salesforce. Furthermore, the courses added allowed them to create pricing for each term as prices varied. The website then allowed parents to register and register their child(ren) into the system. Once registered, the website would synchronize this data to Salesforce. This synchronisation process also allowed parents to update their data via their online profile. Once the parent and child profiles were created, the parents could then enrol their child(ren) into various courses. Payment was a complex solution. The parent could choose to do a credit card payment which was integrated into eWay. The parent could also choose to select a payment plan which would then require them to correspond with UJEB to finalise the enrolment.

The invoice payments and donations were also connected to eWay for live credit card payments. Furthermore, we were able to integrate the user data with Salesforce by matching name and email, assigning the record of donation/payment against the contact information in Salesforce. This now allows the client to track and trace all payments, be it donations, invoices or enrolments from their CRM.

Our Results

  • A website that is responsive and reflects the new brand.
  • A website optimised for search engines.
  • The ability for UJEB to manage courses that parents can enrol into
  • The ability for parents to create an online profile and enrol their children and manage the enrolments through the website
  • The ability for donations to be made
  • The ability for invoices to be paid
  • Custom integration into Salesforce CRM
  • Custom integration into eWay for credit card transactions
  • Customised transactional emails for enrolments, donations, invoice payments, and registrations.
  • No more manual copy paste from web forms to Salesforce and manual invoicing of parents for course
  • The ability to setup campaigns within Salesforce based on tagging of parents based on courses registered, children's age etc
  • Key Successes

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