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App Design & Development

Technology to Simplify Business & Life

A Quick Overview

We build mobile app solutions designed to help business growth. Mobile apps can increase customer retention, loyalty, and revenue. Our apps will add value to your business, differentiate you from your competitors, provide a needed service to your clients and create a new revenue stream.


We first identify and evaluate the need in the market for a certain service that can be delivered online through a platform



Our design & technical team come together with you and our business strategists to plan the success of the app concept. We qualify the profit centres that are available and strategize the entry to market.


In the design phase, our team works with you to determine the feasibility and functionality of your app concept. Time lines, wire frames and customer journey will be created to visualise the look and feel of the app.



The prototype is when the concept comes to life. A functional prototype built to specification is created which can be presented to investors and focus groups for review.


The app evolves with input from stakeholders to be market ready. This development must be directed at requirements for identified markets (ie. Legal, pricing etc.) and to app store policies.



With any app, its about market awareness. The marketing promotion strategy is executed to create buzz around the product by targeting your ideal client base and promoting it to increase user numbers.


Enter your identified market and get feedback from users to continuously improve the app. Remaining agile and constantly innovating is paramount to keep users engaged.



In order to meet Apple and Google store requirements, the app must be maintained. Addressing glitches from increased traffic and user interactions with the app will ensure longevity and success.


As the user numbers increase, new features, improved user experience and growth strategies need to be implemented. Our strategists are experts at understanding user feedback and market influencers to help you innovate and grow.


Case Study

Apartment & Estate communication App company

  • $20M valuation in 4 years
  • Built with the end in mind, targeting the ideal clients with the right Brand and Messaging leading to increased deal flow
  • A comprehensive and strategic alliance created with competitors to create a barrier of entry by others in the market added to the strategy by our company
  • Key JV’s created to launch the product into the marketplace and have sustainable leadflow

Don McKenna

"I have been working with Earthlink Alliance for over 14 months and its been one of the best experiences I have had as a client of any company I have worked with"



"The results have been phenomenal, we are converting at 40% which is unheard of in our industry. Since the investment into our business automation we have grown significantly from $1.22m to over $3.42m in 3 years.”


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