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Digital Marketing

Creating Your Digital Footprint For A Global Reach

A Quick Overview

Digital Marketing covers many aspects of online marketing including Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and other online promotions. Earthlink Alliance’s team of specialists will advise you on the best strategies that will work for you. Our team is ready to increase your traffic, conversions and sales, are you?


This first step in a successful Digital Marketing campaign is to first define the goals & objectives. Creating this frame of reference allows for a complete understanding as to what needs to be completed in order to achieve a successful campaign.



Now that we have defined the measures of success we need to analyse all things digital including website, social accounts, marketplace listings, digital reputation and competitor analysis. We utilise this information as our baseline for the upcoming digital campaign.


The digital strategy is critical in the success for the campaign. We look at various opportunities and avenues to target the desired market. Each campaign is unique and different strategies need to be devised for each client.



Executing the campaign framework and strategies established in the previous steps is critical to the success of the project. Execution of  the campaign can have multiple layers and this needs to be done in a systematic way to enable us to run and maintain a successful campaign.


This is a critical step of our digital marketing campaigns. We are constantly reviewing the various strategies created for the campaign and assessing if they are meeting the goals defined. During this process we will cultivate the successful campaigns and adjust the ones that are not as successful to increase their effectiveness.


Case Study

Botanical business campaign 

Within 4 months:

  • 25 organic keywords on page 1 of Google
  • 2,568 organic website visits per month
  • 32.8% increase in organic revenue
  • 1,511 products sold through organic search

Andrew Sinclair

"Earthlink Alliance has been instrumental in helping me establish the business, educate me about the online marketplace, marketing and competition. I hold him in high regard and recommend him to anyone"


Steve Marks

"Monetary wise easily there is a 5 to 6 figure saving each year and in my processing time and with a larger reach Australia wide, everything is online don"t have to touch it!"


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